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adult education

This course brings together an extraordinary group of Jews (and non-Jews) in thoughtful, civil learning and (we believe) insightful discussion.  It focuses on an in-depth analysis of the Torah, typically sentence by sentence and in loving detail. The Torah is read in English translation, with periodic reference to the original Hebrew text and traditional commentators. Major resource: B’nai Israel’s copies of The Torah: A Modern Commentary (UAHC). A light breakfast is available during the hour study session so participants can both nosh and learn. The class will continue examine in detail the Book of Exodus.  While the encounter with sacred text is cumulative, new participants and visitors are always welcomed! No Hebrew background necessary.

Readings & Discussion with Rabbi – Tuesday, 11 AM – 12 Noon

Rabbi Eric

Articles and writings (ranging in scope and depth from 2 – 30 pages) are selected for their timeliness and /or historical importance.  They are subjected to analysis by the Rabbi and robust discussion by the group.  Materials to be supplied.  Enrollment for both or a single semester is possible.  Articles are taken from leading periodicals including The New Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, The Forward, The New York Jewish Week, The Jerusalem Report, Haaretz, Reform Judaism Magazine, Commentary Magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review, and scholarly journals.Other offerings include Introduction to Judaism and Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Please contact the
Synagogue office for more information.

B’nai Israel embraces lifelong learning and adult education, a Judaism of the head and the heart.  Rabbi Eric and others teach classes open to our membership and often the community.  In particular we invite you to consider attending:

Torah Discussion – Shabbat Morning, 10 AM – 11:15 AM

Shabbat Mornings

Rabbi Eric