​      b'nai israel what happens in our world, can happen in yours

tikkun olam




It is not what you do for yourself that makes you successful, but the contributions you make in this world toward others that makes you whole. 

my mitzvah project enables b.i.r.s. students in the 7th grade to explore a personal mission as they head toward becoming b'nai mitzvah. Each student chooses a cause of meaning and sets off on the journey of how to fulfill tz'dakah & tikkkun olam (repair of the world) through their projects. 

Some recent student mitzvah projects have included...  entertaining at senior care facilities, fundraising for the American Heart Association and for Alzheimer's research, building a computer from scratch for an indigent family, teaching understanding about stuttering, creating a website for b'nai mitzvah prep resources, collecting sports equipment for young Syrian refugees, and producing a play offering a modern twist on the ancient Scroll of Esther. 

These projects offer an important opportunity for young 'about to be adults' to show their best, tap into resources and spread their proverbial wings! 




my  mitzvah project