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As music director for B'nai Israel, I collaborate with a very talented group of singers and musicians. Our goal is to enhance the spiritual life of B'nai Israel's congregants by integrating music throughout the many facets of temple life; worship, times of joy, times of sadness, milestone events, and educational activities. 

It is written in T'hilim (Psalms)…"Sing unto God a new song." We are constantly rewriting the songs and singing them in new ways to connect with the joy in each of our souls.  At  the

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same  time we  strive to  maintain  a  balance  between  music that is  traditional  and  comfortable  and music  that is  new and  exciting.

We invite you to explore your spiritual connection to Judaism through music.  Along the way you will likely learn some liturgy and some Hebrew as well.  Join us on our spiritual journey!

We may not all have trained voices, but surely we can all "Make a joyful noise unto God" in our own unique way.  Please contact me if you are interested in participating or would like to learn more about music at B'nai Israel.