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brit milah / circumcision

Brit Milah - Literally, it means the "covenant of circumcision," and it hearkens back to the time when our ancestor Abraham entered into an eternal covenant with God, symbolized by the circumcision of all Jewish boys, traditionally performed on the eighth day after birth. This is one of the most defining and ancient rituals of Jewish identity. It is also one which brings up many questions for new parents. Please feel free to speak with Rabbi Polokoff about any questions you have regarding planning for Brit Milah. Additionally, we will be happy to refer you to a qualified Mohel, someone who is specially trained in the ceremony and procedure of circumcision, and who will help to make this a meaningful and positive experience for everyone involved. Rabbi will be happy to participate together with the Mohel in celebrating the simcha - the joy of welcoming a new baby boy!

Mazel Tov!