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As Noah Pozner BBYO’s Godol (president), I am proud to be part of the energetic and welcoming brotherhood/sisterhood we have. Throughout the past year alone, we've had fun at hockey games, dances, and conventions with Jewish teens from Connecticut and from all across the region and world. We've baked for a community Thanksgiving and ran concessions at a Purim carnival. We've also participated in BBYO summer programs, strengthening our leadership skills while making friends from Pennsylvania to Florida to California and every state in between. Because of BBYO, we have stronger friendships, strengthened community involvement, and a super sized social network.
We are always looking for new teens to join our community and create more friends and experiences than they already have!

If there are teenagers in your household entering grades 8-12, we have a wonderful opportunity available to them.

The Noah Pozner chapter of BBYO, which draws teens from Southbury, Newtown, and surrounding areas meeting twice each month at B’nai Israel during the school year.

What is BBYO? It used to be called the B’nai Brith Youth Organization, but what is it? Some will call it a Jewish teenager’s club that can provide you with a network of Jewish friends. It prepares you for the real world and may even give you something to add to your  college  application  someday.   Or you  

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can look at it as a combination fraternity and sorority for Jewish kids. Or you can look at it as the largest non-denominational Jewish youth movement in the world, which is active in over 25 countries. Our Noah Pozner chapter has more than 20 members and is growing all the time. Some Connecticut communities are large enough to have separate boys and girls groups called AZA (or Aleph Tzaddik Aleph) and BBG (for Bnai Brith Girls) which groups have been around for many, many years, but we have a combined group of teens here, and we go under the BBYO banner.

But what does BBYO do? We’ve got dances, sports, programming that the kids develop, community service opportunities, travel experiences, quarterly conventions at hotels throughout the state, leadership skill-building sessions (where the kids are in charge!)... and so much more! As a member of BBYO, you’re connected to a great group of friends and plenty of opportunities to explore your interests. We meet kids from all over Connecticut because we’re part of the Connecticut Valley Region (“CVR”), and there are opportunities to meet Jewish kids from all around the world through our conventions and conclaves.

We have access to BBYO full time personnel to help guide us whenever needed, but mostly this is about the kids and what they want to do for an enriching Jewish and social experience through high school. Becoming a member for one or even 5 years is affordable and the experience is priceless.

Our youth advisor is long-time temple member Gerry Klein, who is also teaching B’nai Israel’s Confirmation class this year. So if you’re interested in learning more about BBYO and our chapter, please contact Gerry at (203) 264-7665 or
kleinge_2000@yahoo.com, and he’ll get you the information you need.

bbyo and teens - by gerry klein 'youth leader'